Scott the Music Geek (composerscott) wrote in voice_actors,
Scott the Music Geek

A Shout Out

Hi, all. I just joined as I'm starting to really do a lot of self-promotion for voiceover work.

I have my own web page as well as a web page at

Feedback on how the pages look and the demos would be welcome.

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Who was your mentor in this area?
None... I'm just kinda doing it...

I am starting to learn and steal from what I see others doing, though... Does that count? :)
Have you had any luck getting gigs at
Not yet, but I did just join with them a week ago. There seems to be a lot of leads and possibilities, though. I decided that all I really need is at least one paying gig in the next year to pay for the annual membership and I figure I have a good shot, so I went for it.
I responded to around 20 gigs and didn't hear back from any of them. It could be I just suck at VO, but I doubt it. I'm curious to hear about your experiences.
I really enjoyed your piano commercial demo as well as your Shakespeare readings. Very well done!
Thanks! Now you know who to hire for your movie trailers eventually, eh? *grin*

I enjoyed the two films I watched, especially some of the music clips I heard being used. Heard some Katamari music in there at one point.

They remind me a bit of some of my own previous hijinks with a video camera. My buddy Chad was the one that had all this footage and he was recently out of work with an injury for a while and took all this stuff we shot in '88 and '89 and edited it together to make a film. Here's the preview, which I hope you will find amusing (and perhaps a little Old Skool!! Yeah! *ahem*):

I'm the one in the glasses and the baseball cap ("'dats about right..."), and I'm eating a pretzel at some point.
The video was "Old Skool" but I enjoyed it. I found it amusing and it definitely showed how wacky you guys were (or still are?) Again, I thought the voice over work suited the film.