300 ft nautical brothel (spiffystuff) wrote in voice_actors,
300 ft nautical brothel

Where to begin?

Hi! Newbie here; this community seems kind of slow but it's also exactly what I'm looking for.

My boyfriend and I are starting to work on a flash animation. My main creative outlet has always been illustration, especially comics, but he's much more attracted to video. We've been able to hammer out a flash project we both like, where I do the character art and he the animation.

So, we've got a script, I've made the concept character sketches, he's now gotten the character traslated to flash and walking and able to lip synch with voice overs. But now we're facing a problem we didn't quite expect; voice acting :P With apologies to the newb-ness of this comment "I thought it would be easy!" XD He's trying to get the character's initial narration down so he can start really animating to it, and things just aren't sounding right. Unfortunately it's something I'm less suitable for, as it's an old man's voice, but future projects may require me to voice act as well.

So, the question is, where do you start? Are there any tips and tricks to voice acting? What can be done with digital enhancement, vs what needs to be in the raw recording? (for example, can you make a voice sound softer and older? Or do you need to work on making your own voice sound that way?) This tutorial seemed kind of cool, but it was the only one I could find on the site. Anyone care to point a beginner in the right direction? (I've also downloaded audacity, although I haven't done anything with it yet...)

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