Zellie (zellie_bean) wrote in voice_actors,

Several questions

- It seems like there are some professional, paid voice actors here. So tell me, is it completely impossible to make a living at it?
(heh, my parents beat into my head that I should never be an actor or singer--the things I love and am good at--ever since kindergarden when I discovered it...... because I would starve so I forced my way through college and guess what, I'm still working 3 jobs to pay the bills AND I'm not involved in anything I actually enjoy ^_~ If I'm going to starve, I ought to starve doing something I like, eh?)

- Starting is smaller markets is recommended for acting, what about voice work? Where are the smaller markets exactly?

- Is it completely impossible to get started outside of TX, LA, and NYC? (...I hate ALL of those places -_- )

- How to avoid scams? Everywhere I look, looks like a scam.

- Remote work? voice123 and I think voices.com too have what look like projects posted for audition, opinions? Legit? Payment? Other similar sites to check out? Do they typically require you to head out to a studio if you're doing it remotely or would they accept something from saaayyy... a samsun c01u?

- Anyone on here who is just starting out or has the time to do things like audition for flash animations and game mods?

- ....if so, where do you usually find auditions?

I've got a book I'm looking for an agent for and I'd like to put together an audio sample chapter for my website (zellie.bigcreepymansion.com) so I put up auditions on the Voice Acting Alliance and Voice Acting Club forum (here and here, auditions closing May 34th 08 unless I don't get enough/the right people). But haven't had as much response as I'd like yet.
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